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Brake Fluid Change

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Thu Oct 04 2018, 09:10am
Joined: Sep 06 2017
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Location: Byroslavia, FIN
I had to quit the bleeding via diagbox since the on-screen advices were very badly written (I quess from fra - to eng to fin). The ABS pump sounded pretty bad depending how I pressed the pedal as asked on the screen.

Does someone know the right method for bleeding with diagbox (abs system bleeding it is I think)? Do you have to pump or just press the pedal? There was something like "pump 30-90sec" - if I do that I will need 10 liters of DOT4 to fill the hydraulics as the oil runs quite fast from the open bleeding screw (as told to open on-screen)

I guess I should never be suprized with complecity of the french engineer mind...
Thu Oct 04 2018, 10:38am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge

I pumped the pedal when doing the secondary circuit bleed as instructed. The ABS pump does sound loud but that is normal. I can't remember how much fluid was used but it wasn't 10 litres or 5 litres.

As regards the technique I just followed the Diagbox instructions. I had the laptop beside me while bleeding and an assistant in the car doing the pedal work.

Best regards,

Phil C.
Fri May 03 2024, 01:06pm
Joined: Apr 18 2024
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Location: Los Angeles
Please tell me what type of BRAKE FLUID is necessary for C6 .
I will be buying brake fluid in USA .
Fri May 03 2024, 03:06pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello Citroenroen1,
Dot 4 brake fluid is appropriate!
Best regards,
Phil C.
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