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Production of ALL variants of the C6 ended 19th December 2012, a sad day for fans of big hydropneumatic Citroën's.

Owning a Citroën C6 makes one part of a fairly exclusive group as only 23,384 in all variants were ever built, in the same factory in Rennes, France, where Citroën also built the XM.

UK DVLA Statistics for August 2012 showed a total of 1,014 C6's had actually been registered for use in the UK, with only 36 of those being fitted with the newer 3.0 HDi engine (one has been 'written off' in an accident and broken for parts, more are known to have been 'exported' leaving circa 20 of those left in the UK) and with more cars since going the same way.

The latest DVLA Statistics available show there are now less than 320 C6's still registered and licensed for VED in the UK (with another 231 on 'SORN' as of December 2023).If that sort of attrition applies worldwide, then circa 45% of all C6's have disappeared from the road. That's why It's rare to even see one on the road and given rising cost of parts, insurance, fuel etc. numbers are likely to fall further.

The C6 used to compete in a tough sector of the market for sales amongst the 'Badge Conscious' car buying public, and only Citroën enthusiasts appear to see the real potential in the car.

3.0 HDiUsed, it offers a luxury car and all that comes with that, at less than family car prices and has a lot of Citroën's 90 years of technical innovation incorporated, including the famed Hydractive 3+ Suspension, they can prove to be expensive to maintain, but there is no other car that can compare for long distance motorway cruising.

The Citroën C6 is a true enthusiast's car and is very underrated and will become a 'classic' which is one of the reasons this site exists, to help and support all those that are interested in 'big' Citroën's.

You can find out more about the Citroën C6 here: - Click Here -

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Donations also help to keep this valuable resource alive for other owners and will help to maintain the C6 and keep them on the road for future generations to enjoy.

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Last revision: 26th April 2024
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