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  C6 Downloads
  C6 Technical & Equipment Specifications
C6 Model Specifications by Build date and market region.
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Sub-category England Brochures
UK Technical Specifications
15 16.6 MB
Sub-category French Brochures
French Technical Specifications
6 7.74 MB
Sub-category German Brochures
German Technical Specifications
1 1.47 MB
Sub-category Car Guides - General Information
Vin locations, Lubricants, Paint Codes, General Car information etc.
17 11.73 MB
Sub-category Audio and Navigation
Audio System Owners User Guides
8 9.27 MB
Sub-category C6 UK Owner Handbooks
Handbooks for UK Variant C6's - Restricted to Premier Members
4 16.49 MB
Technical Guides
Parts and Repair technical information
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Sub-category C6 Error Codes - Restricted Access
OBII/Lexia related Error Code Guides - Download Restricted to 'Premier Members'
9 53.88 MB
Sub-category C6 Fault finding
Fault finding guides
15 1.78 MB
Sub-category Air Bags Seat Belts and pyrotechnics
Air bag, seat belt and pyrotechnic replacement guides
16 901.6 kB
Sub-category Audio and navigation
C6 Audio / Navigation System Technical docs
10 3.44 MB
Sub-category Driver Assistance
Lane Departure Head Up Display Parking Assistance etc. parts and repair Guides
11 862.63 kB
Sub-category Heating, Engine Cooling and Cabin Ventilation
C6 Heating, Cooling and ventilation guides, parts lists etc.
24 4.87 MB
Sub-category Electrical System
C6 Electrical system (including lights) parts diagrams and repair guides
40 32.11 MB
Sub-category Lights Wipers and Signaling
Lighting, Screen Wiping and signalling parts etc.
12 1.08 MB
Sub-category Engines 2.7 Hdi
C6 engine guides 2.7 Hdi, parts etc. NOT 3.0 Hdi
38 9.18 MB
Sub-category Engine 3.0 Hdi Specific
3.0 Hdi Engine parts and repair guides
10 4.32 MB
Sub-category Engine 2.2 Hdi
C6 2.2 Hdi engine specific guides
18 6.69 MB
Sub-category Engines 3.0i Petrol
Engine parts guides specific to the 3.0 Petrol
5 786.91 kB
Sub-category Air, Fuel and DPF
Engine Related Fuel, Air intake and Particulate Filter related items
35 3.56 MB
Sub-category Drive train wheels and Gearboxes
C6 Gearbox Wheels and other Drive Train Guides
13 1.37 MB
Sub-category Exhaust
C6 Exhaust related guides
19 4.79 MB
Sub-category Suspension
C6 Suspension repair and settings guides, parts lists etc.
45 5.9 MB
Sub-category Brakes
Braking system guides, part lists etc.
24 2.62 MB
Sub-category Steering
C6 Steering Rack and Piping parts and repair guides
36 4.9 MB
Sub-category Bodywork
C6 Bodywork and exterior parts guides
30 4.1 MB
Sub-category Interiors
Seating, centre console, door panel guides etc.
35 3.85 MB
Sub-category Tow bar Installation
Tow bar Armature and Wiring Installation Instructions
2 4.39 MB
Miscellaneous Information
Member Supplied Tutorials and other Downloads
Member created Tutorials and other downloadable .PDF's
13 7.99 MB
Useful Calculators
3 136 kB
Sat Nav POI and Splash Screens
Get a C6owners Splash screen for your TomTom or other addons
2 1.38 MB
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