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C6 Lignage or Exclusive??

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Fri Jun 24 2011, 10:26am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
As per Chevrons, front full leather seats have memory. The kids love the rear heated seats. So no advantage for the Exclusive. Only real difference between fully optioned Lignage and Exclusive is the wood trim. See forum post on this, I suspect wood is an Ebony from Indonesia. I'll ask a wood trim man what this would cost to change (although my wife hates wood and like the black piano key finish).

Happy Lignage Owner
Fri Jun 24 2011, 06:42pm
Joined: Nov 10 2010
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As long as we all love the ones we have chosen - it's all good
Fri Jun 24 2011, 06:47pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Ringtone wrote ...

As long as we all love the ones we have chosen - it's all good

Exactly and the thread is now 'sticky'
Fri Jun 24 2011, 08:10pm
Joined: Jun 22 2011
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Location: leeds
Hi all.

Thanks for all the replies. Now im more confused than ever ha ha.

Im going to see a lignage tomorrow. (saturday). If you want to take a look its on ebay and autotrader sold by PENTAGON Citroen in Oldham.

Hi Phil. Yes i was considering a C6 at the D-rally and if anything has changed its my desire. i want one more and more every day.

Emma thinks its another flash in the pan as i go through more cars than underwhere but what she doesnt realise is that when im this keen, i dont buy and sell it on within months. when the XM was launged in 89 i said from day one id have one one day. I bought one in 2000 and kept it for seven years so im looking to keep the C6 long term.

As for the leather of the exclusive. Im pretty sure this lignage is full leather.

I would benefit from bluetooth but i suppose you dont miss what youve never had.

Price wise, this one is up at £9500. Im a salesman myself so ill do something with that. To be fair I can propably get an exclusive for the same money but its not like im looking at a mondeo or vectra that are on every street corner. If I could drop on an exclusive locally around the same money then i know what id go for without question.

Ill take a look at the lignage and see where we end up.
Sat Jun 25 2011, 12:52pm
Joined: Jun 22 2011
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Location: leeds

Been to Oldham this morning as prior arranged with the salesman to see this lignage.

40 min drive from leeds so not too bad. saw the car on the forecourt glissening in the sunshine with water droplets rolling down the shinny black paintwork from the earlier shower. Privacy glass in the rear giving the car that posh limousine look. Went to see the salesman who advised me that the car was sold 10 minutes before i got there. He said a customer had put a deposit on the car over the internet.

I wondered if this was a stunt to try and get a bigger deal out of me but said "If you think im going back to Leeds for you to call and say your customer has given back word, Im not coming back".

So bottom line is, im glad i went to see it because it did look nice. But things happen for a reason and i think ill continue my search for an Exclusive.
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