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C6 Lignage or Exclusive??

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Wed Jun 22 2011, 09:01pm
Joined: Jun 22 2011
Member No: #526
Location: leeds
Hi all, Im brand new to this site and this is in fact my first post. Ive been seriously considering a C6 for some time now but am wondering which way to go with it. I would love an exclusive with the loungepack and all the trimmings but realistically because c6's are few and far between, im limited to what i will end up with unless i travel across the UK to get the right one.

Then there is the point that the only people that benefit from the loungepack will be the rear passengers which in my family is my 2yo son and i dont think hes bothered either way. Sat nav comes in very handy as im a sales rep and drive all over north England but then i already have a sat nav that works fine.

So, do i consider a Lignage that i have seen locally or do i travel the country and get the Exclusive. I suppose what im asking is, from the driving position, except the sat nav and lack of wood, are the differences so drastic that i would regret not getting an exclusive?
Wed Jun 22 2011, 10:02pm
Joined: Apr 06 2010
Member No: #82
Location: Maidenhead
It's the sort of car that you should really travel the country for in my opinion. I wanted a black and cream Exclusive and waited for ages before one I wanted came up. The Lounge Pack might be useless (I have probably had rear passengers about 1% of my car's usage) but it's nice to have all the same; and if it's a car you intend to stick with it's worth getting the one you really want, either way.

Wed Jun 22 2011, 10:54pm
Joined: Jun 22 2011
Member No: #526
Location: leeds
Yes i think i agree with you ped. Black with cream leather is my choice too. I had the same discussion with a friend who isnt into Citroens at all but he said same. Wait for the right one. Id be a fool to go for a lesser car just because its available but wondered if being up in the front really made that much difference to comfort and trim.
Wed Jun 22 2011, 11:20pm
Joined: Jun 15 2011
Member No: #518
Location: Buckinghamshire
C6's Navidrive is a little dimwitted, your current satnav is probably better. However if you like a clean cabin, then you'd want the Navidrive. The wood is on big panels which are the covers for the door pockets, so it's quite an obvious panel of wood.

A 2 year old can't actually get the full benefit from the lounge pack, and lounge pack sacrifices the folding rear seats.

The difference from what I see isnt huge. Though do give the one a test drive, as they don't come up that often.
Wed Jun 22 2011, 11:43pm
Joined: Mar 08 2010
Member No: #65
Location: Northumberland
It has to be the Exclusive - preferably without the Lounge Pack. The folding rear seats would be an advantage with a small child. On the subject of which - are you sure the cream leather is a good idea with a two year old child? If you get a Lignage you may regret missing out on the extras on the Exclusive; maybe not now, but in the future.
Happy hunting,

Thu Jun 23 2011, 07:54am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Well I don't miss any of the extra 'toys' in my Lignage and prefer the 'Piano Black' fittings to the fake wood effect

The one thing that may have made a difference to my choice was the 'memory' on the electric seats at the front, however both myself and my wife use the same driving position so it isn't an issue.

For some though it could be.

The JBL Hi Fi in the exclusive is better than the standard RD4 but, I tend to drive with it off for a lot of the time these days and I never use a mobile phone whilst driving either so it's again something I don't miss.

The part leather seats in the Lignage aren't heated, but in reality, it's not something I missed in the winter

What you need to do is look at the Lignage near you and compare it with an Exclusive and taking into account the price difference and make a decision on the additional bits you will forego

The car though is a real 'mile muncher' and as a rep you really will appreciate the ride, but maybe not the mpg unless you go for a 2.2 manual.
Thu Jun 23 2011, 08:05am
Joined: Oct 08 2009
Member No: #3
Location: North Yorkshire
Hello Mark. Welcome to the forum. I remember you mentioned you were looking for a C6 at the CCC 'DSM' rally a couple of weeks ago. From the driver's perspective the significant differences between a Lignage and Exclusive are 9apart from sat-nav already mentioned): standard leather (the Lignage has half leather seats as standard, although many have the full leather fitted as an option), the wood on the facia and door compartment fronts. One feature of the Exclusive often overlooked is the premium 'JBL' audio system which has better speakers, an additional amplifier and a sub-woofer and is much better than the standard system ( again this was available as an option on the lignage). I can see the appeal of the lounge pack (and sunroof - a very rare fitment) but didn't wan't them on my car for practical reasons. Philip
Thu Jun 23 2011, 08:28am
Joined: Oct 08 2009
Member No: #3
Location: North Yorkshire
Sorry Dave for making some of the same points as you - I was composing my post while you were replying! I think the wood is real but I agree it looks like 'fake' wood.

I'm getting around 35mpg at the moment in mixed driving.

As you said the C6 is a brilliant car for high mileage driving. In the last couple of weeks I've been from North Yorkshire to Milton Keynes, Glasgow and Bolton as well as to and from work which is 250 miles per week
Thu Jun 23 2011, 09:53am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
Member No: #21
Location: Scotland
Hi, I've posted on this before but my Lignage is fully specced and only differences to an Exclusive are the missing Lounge pack rear seats (but I have a bigger boot and option of folding down the rear seats) and No Wood Trim. All the other toys including same spec JBL, memory heated full leather seats, SatNav system etc are the same (except I had to buy my own fulled fitted front carpet mats and the steering column is manually adjusted).

So if looking for a C6, unless you are desparate for the wood trim, I would consider a well specced Lignage.

Thu Jun 23 2011, 10:43am
Joined: Jun 15 2011
Member No: #518
Location: Buckinghamshire
Now the debate about heated seats...well in recent weather it's been a godsend. I'm not sure how often you have to stand out in the rain as a sales rep, but if you get wet then heated seats are very useful.
Thu Jun 23 2011, 12:14pm
Joined: Nov 17 2009
Member No: #14
Location: London
Maybe this should be a sticky as it comes up from time to time?

My two cents' worth. Purely my opinions, others will differ:-

  • Lounge Pack is pointless unless you intend moonlighting as an executive mini-cab. It steals vital (already limited) boot space and omits the very useful folding seats.

  • The satnav is roundly condemned on these boards. By all accounts you would be better with a £99 TomTom.

  • The upgraded sound system is useful because the Lignage system is quite poor for a car of this segment.

  • Cream interiors are a matter of taste. I would have liked one but couldn't afford it.

  • I prefer part fabric seats to all leather - leather is always too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

  • Lignage electrically adjustable seats don't have memory. No big deal if you are the only driver but if you share the car with your partner this omission is a right royal pain in the ar5e.

Yep, don't rush into buying the first one you see and don't be put off buying one far away. If you are buying through the dealer network they will get the car for you. I bought mine after road testing one in a colour I wasn't interested in but then I picked one off Citroën's used-car web site and the dealer had it transported up from the south coast for me.

Finally, I haven't looked at prices recently but when I bought mine there was a clear £3,000 premium between Exclusive and Lignage. I couldn't justify that premium for just wanting the cream interior so I bought a Lignage.
Thu Jun 23 2011, 01:23pm
Joined: Nov 22 2009
Member No: #15
I agree, the differences between Lignage and Exclusive should be a sticky!

I went for the Exclusive because I prefer a full leather interior and also wanted heated seats, JBL audio, lounge pack and navigation. The RT3 Navigation is poor but the screen is far better than the Lignage. The rest of the kit is well worth having in my opinion. Even the wood is fine. Dave always has negative comments regarding it but a) it isn't fake and b) it doesn't look fake! The wood is subtle and not the usual garish, bright shiny stuff you often see. Certainly looks classier than black plastic.

In addition, I don't think you'll find there's much of a price premium over a Lignage anymore. The biggest problem will be actually finding one, rather than any price differences.

If you fancy a pearl red one with black leather, let me know!
Thu Jun 23 2011, 03:14pm
Joined: Nov 10 2010
Member No: #285
I'd agree with Tony, I went for exclusive as i wanted the items Tony detailed including the lounge pack. I know you loose out on folding the seats down but the kids love the lounging and heating elements of the rear seats for long runs. The space is poor boot wise which does cause me an issue but always knew it would be - it was a conscious decision I made coming out of a C crosser

Sat nav is OK but to be honest I bought a tom tom live after getting the car as the traffic element on the RT4 was worse than useless - if it does pick up delays its after you have come to a halt with no option to get off the motorway....

All in all, i would definitively pay the small premium for the exclusive - personal opinion though obviously
Thu Jun 23 2011, 09:47pm
Joined: Apr 10 2010
Member No: #85
Location: N. Staffs
My Lignage has full leather, front seat memory, heated seats front and rear; and JBL. The black interior matches the black exterior and is very practical. I use the folding rear seats regularly for the tip run, B&Q run and work.
Thu Jun 23 2011, 10:00pm
Joined: Apr 06 2010
Member No: #82
Location: Maidenhead
To be honest I would really use folding seats!! Oh well. The wood looks nice with the cream leather.
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