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Citroen Roofbars

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Tue Mar 22 2011, 07:44pm
Joined: Dec 25 2010
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I'm off to France with the wife and baby daughter in May and as anyone with a young child knows the amount of 'baby things' that need carting around is huge so I'm looking to invest in some roof bars / box.

Citroen sell them as an official accessory for the C6 at £220. Does anyone have any experience of them? Do you know if they are designed specifically for the car or if they just supply an aftermarket set (which I could possibly get cheaper elsewhere)? Easy to fit without damaging the vehicle? Any help appreciated!

Wed Mar 23 2011, 07:34am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
OEM ones Citroen sell are made by Thule so try and see if you can locate a set of those.

Thule Rapid 753 system

Aero Bar 861 + 3017 Fixpoint XT kit

A Google brings up a lot including Tesco Direct
Wed Mar 23 2011, 04:25pm
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
Go with the Citroen OEM bars. I have C6 aftermarket bars, they don't look as good, are more of a faff to fit and probably generate more noise. The Citroen C4 OEM bars by comparison are excellent.

Thu Mar 24 2011, 01:34pm
Joined: Nov 17 2009
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Location: London
Don't do it. Roof bars and roof box will not only spoil the pretty lines of the car but add noise and reduce economy.

The C6 will take baby, two adults and all the associated baby-clobber for long trips to France. We do it regularly and indeed are off there again in a couple of weeks time.

The biggest offender for space is usually the buggy/pram. Leave it at home and buy a £19.99 "umbrella type" stroller from Argos. It will suffice for the trip. Normal travel cots are also bulky.

Last time we managed to fit all the baby gear, ski gear, and still had space for six cases of wine. The car was a little bit full
Tue Apr 05 2011, 12:20pm
Joined: Nov 22 2009
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I have the Thule aero bars but only because I have the Thule pro cycle racks, which require a set of bars. The aero ones certainly look far slicker but, as Michael says, none of them do anything for the looks of the car!

Incidentally, I have a spare set of the Thule foot pack fittings for the C6, if anyone is interested.
Tue Apr 05 2011, 02:09pm
Joined: May 29 2010
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Location: Bedfordshire
I have the Thule bars but the old-fashioned, square type ones. I fitted a half-width top box to them for a trip to the Alps last year. Wind noise was quite high and the increase in fuel consumption was significant. Not only that but you have to travel with the lorries in the bottom of the ferry and are usually among the last to be allowed off.

All in all, I'd go with michaelb's recommendations, if I were you.
Sun Jul 19 2015, 08:51am
Joined: Oct 24 2014
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Location: Rome
Hi everybody

I'd need to buy a roof box too to travel to France this summer with wife and (2) babies.

I like the Thule Dynamic 800 + Thule wingbars so I've done some photoshop work to have an idea of the results. Actually the roofbox should be moved a little to the front...anyway....what do you think about it?

Does anybody have/use the same model?



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