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Bleeding HP side 2.7 HDI

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Sun May 12 2024, 03:34pm
Joined: May 19 2019
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Location: Höör
Ran out of fuel so it came in air in the high pressure side. First Ive got just 150 bar on the common fuel rail but when we startet to bleed the injector we came as high to 400-500 bar.

The car dont start but its came some puff on starta attempt.

How high will the pressure be before to start?

Any other ideas how to bleed the system if there still some air?
Sun May 12 2024, 04:00pm
Joined: Sep 20 2016
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Location: West Mids
Normally, after say a fuel filter change, it is just a question of turning the ignition on and off two or three times and letting the electric lift pump in the tank resupply the HP pump. After that, it should be self bleeding.

As you ran out of fuel, if you can't get it to run, it might be worth removing the lift pump from the tank and checking the pick up gauze is not clogged, particularly as it has presumably scavenged as much as it could from the tank.

Wed May 15 2024, 09:20am
Joined: May 19 2019
Member No: #3924
Location: Höör
Ok will test.
But does someone have the pressure numbers so i can se in the computer if its works?

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