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Suspension woes

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Tue Apr 23 2024, 09:10pm
Joined: Jul 24 2021
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Location: Torquay
I have been trying to fix my suspension for a what has become a couple of years. I keep getting an intermittent suspension fault message and have replaced numerous items including the rear regulator and recently the spheres.
Current fault codes are:

- C1172 which is the right front AMVAR actuator- circuit open or short to ground. permanent fault

The right front suspension unit has been replaced twice recently having the first one start leaking within a couple of months of use.

-C1195 average travel of front axel - value incoherent.

The permanent fault code is U1205 -no communication with steering wheel angle sensor.
The unit under the steering column was only recently replaced.

These faults Return after erasing within 20 kilometres
The cars suspension is a little erratic becoming over firm at times with side ways roll.

The above codes I established with a recently purchased Autel bidirectional scanner.
Interested in how to proceed from here as I must admit this car is testing my limits of friendship.

Cheers John
Wed Apr 24 2024, 09:30am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello John,

Your fault C1172 which is the right front AMVAR actuator- circuit open or short to ground permanent fault is the one to chase first. It explains the suspension going over firm with the roll and the C1195 fault. The AMVAR actuator can be tested for correct soft/firm operation. You will need access to Lexia or Diagbox to do this. This will confirm if there is an electrical connection to the actuator. The description of the permanent fault suggests there is a problem.

Ignore U1205 - there's hardly a C6 that doesn't log that fault with no effects.

One thing you can do now is detach the plug from the AMVAR actuator and check plug and socket for a bent or pushed back pin/socket.

Please let the forum know how you get on!

Best regards,

Phil C.

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