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Odd LHD/RHD setting problem

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Tue Mar 12 2024, 11:22pm
Joined: Dec 09 2023
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Location: Zagreb
Hello everyone...
As fate would have it I am a new owner of a used 2007 C6 2.7HDI (Previous Cits being XM, Xantia, c5-x7)... so the car has some odd problems:

To make a long story short, while it is a LHD car (I am in Croatia), the car has a global LHD/RHD setting that is set to RHD, and indeed the wipers are set up as RHD - that is, the right hand wiper rests above the left hand one. Since the actual wiper arms are LHD spec, this makes the wipers slanted in the rest position, and while wiping they do not go all the way parallel to the sides of the windshield.
For a LHD car it should be exactly the opposite, the wiper that is on the side of the steering wheel should be in the top resting position as this way it can still wipe if the passenger side fails, insuring visibility to the driver.

I have researched the various wiper threads, and have discovered that the wiper motors are the same part for both LHD and RHD cars, but arms are not. The motors can be ordered as already configured depending on the VIN, or to be configured, presumably using Diagbox.

I did try setting the global parameter to LHD, which makes the wipers inoperable, and also the washer fluid pump!

All I can surmise is that at some point something was done to the wipers and/or windshield and they were set up incorrectly...

Any tips would be very appreciated!
Wed Mar 13 2024, 12:37am
Joined: Dec 09 2023
Member No: #5418
Location: Zagreb
Also if anyone knows how the wiper motors are configured using Diagbox, maybe there are some clues there...
Sun Mar 24 2024, 01:57pm
Joined: Aug 14 2014
Member No: #1821
Location: Vilnius
Take into account that windshield is also LHD/RHD specific. If you mess with the wipers, chances are that automatic wipers will no longer work, as the wipers need to cross the sensors at a very specific time. Observe how it works.

Also, if something is at an angle, consider that the arms may have been screwed on at an angle.
hope any of this will help you or the future generations interested in the C6
Mon Jun 17 2024, 08:07pm
Joined: Dec 09 2023
Member No: #5418
Location: Zagreb
It's definitely a LHD car. The wiper motors are the same for both LHD and RHD but the arms are not, and mine are LHD as they should be. The angle I mentioned is because it has LHD arms but is set as RHD. The difference is which wiper is on top. The rule is that the driver side one is on top, and in that position the arms would sit correctly.

However on mine the passenger side is on top and the sequence op operation is set that way, so the position of the arms has to be slightly slanted to get the proper initial position. The wipers do wipe off the rain sensor either way.

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