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Eco -- or not ?

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Wed Oct 11 2023, 01:13pm
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Well, this as un C6 related as you get.

After 40 years, the strip light fitting in the kitchen has properly expired.

Made in Britain, it has consumed tubes and starters over time, but overall just done its job.

I find you are no longer able to buy fluorescent lamp fittings and so have been forced into an LED version. Even though badged by a European company, it's made in China and my bet is that I'll be taking it back within its twelve month warranty. I don't doubt the LEDs themselves may last the stated 20 odd thousand hours, but my experience so far with all transformed LED lamps is that the peripheral electrics are just junk.

The design is poor, too. It attached to the ceiling with via push fit plastic clips and has the push in type cable connector under an openable flap. Very much strikes me it would be possible to dislodge it from the clips and wind up with it hanging on live wires. Also, no real provision for the additional wiring often found within lamp fittings.

My contention is that an awful lot of this so called environmentally friendly stuff is actually anything but once the manufacturing process and then a short working life is included.


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