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C6 windscreen washers inoperable - help needed

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Author Post
Tue Sep 13 2022, 05:20pm
Joined: Sep 12 2022
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Location: NE
Hi all,

Hoping you can shed some advice on my C6. The windscreen washers aren't working, the wipers go but no washers ... I can't hear the pump running, so I suspect its either the pump itself or maybe a relay/wiring?

Wondering if there is a common fault.

I've checked fuse 3 under the bonnet, that looks OK. The headlight washers work, but not the windscreen ones.

I guess if I do need to get at the pump, I'll need to remove the front bumper?

Thanks in advance!
Tue Sep 13 2022, 05:24pm

Joined: May 21 2017
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it's more than likely the pump.

No need to remove the bumper. Remove the RHS front wheel arch liner and you can reach the pump. There are two pumps as you have found out 1 for the headlights and 1 for the screen.
Tue Sep 13 2022, 08:07pm
Joined: Sep 12 2022
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Location: NE
Excellent, thanks for your help. I'll take a look at the weekend and see where I get to.
Tue Sep 20 2022, 08:20pm
Joined: Dec 22 2014
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Location: Telford
Other possibilities:
On the 407 the pipe often splits where it winds round the bonnet hinge.
I've known the pipes to blow off the jets.
Only get original jets; the Chinese ones don't clip into the bonnet properly.

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