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Sat Apr 09 2022, 04:44pm
Joined: Apr 08 2022
Member No: #4993
Location: Holmfirth
Hi, after years of waiting i'm looking for a C6 as my daily driver but is it the car for me ? I have a short commute 5 days a week of 4 miles either way over the moors followed by about 10/15 miles at weekends being dragged to shopping centres. My concern is the blasted dpf problems as my octavia scout threw the light up every nine days. Thanks in advance.
Sat Apr 09 2022, 05:47pm
Joined: Jan 19 2014
Member No: #1548
Location: Cambridge
Yeah a modern diesel isn’t going to like that at all! You are going to have to blast the pants off it quite regularly which will be fun— not sure how often as I’ve never really owned a modern diesel. Maybe once a month a good blast for 30 minutes in gearbox sports mode maybe? Other members with their dirty diesels should be able to advise.
Sat Apr 09 2022, 07:28pm
Joined: Apr 08 2022
Member No: #4993
Location: Holmfirth
Cheers for the reply, my Octavia tdi was a 2012 and I thought 'modern diesel' but it won't last a fortnight without the dpf light coming on. I know the C6 has a small vessel of additive and wondered if it would cope with my commute. ????
Tue Apr 12 2022, 10:24am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Hello Shane,

Our two cars, since the beginning of Covid, have had minimal use with short journeys. They don't even have the luxury of a regular commute as my wife and myself are predominantly working from home. Thankfully, overall, there has been no DPF issues. Recently, the 3.0HDi flagged depollution fault, but that appeared to be from no use over about two weeks. I think the EGR's got sticky because after a few spins the faults have cleared and that's over two weeks ago now. As per James above, every few weeks make an excuse to go somewhere that gives it a spin of continuous driving of minimum 80kph for at least 30 minutes. You don't have to be doing regular long trips to keep it in order!

Hope this helps,

Phil C.
Tue Apr 12 2022, 12:19pm
Joined: Apr 08 2022
Member No: #4993
Location: Holmfirth
Thanks for the reassurance.

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