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Another one bites the dust!

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Fri Feb 18 2022, 05:42pm
Joined: Aug 29 2019
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Location: Roskilde
I just reached the 200.000km mark, 201.036km to be precise, one or more bearing shells has most likely seized on the crank jurnals.

Given that I change oil/filter every 10.000km I just couldn't believe that this had happened so soon, I've heard LR's haveing issues, but always well after the 200.000km mark.

But talking to another C6 guy, who has now restored 3 C6 engines, he told that there was several companys making the crankshaft in the days, and one of chose didn't get the hardning process rigt, so approx 30% of the crankshafts were "soft", meaning that they would seize up the bearing shells between 160.000-180.000km give and take.

They discovered the issue in the middle of 2007, and customers that complained got a repair, but those that didn't, maybe because they hadn't reache 160.000km yet, was left in ignoranse.

I don't know how Jaguar and LR treated their customers.

Maybe if there hadn't been an issue with the oilpump being insufficient on the 2.7, the "soft" crank would have lasted longer, but combined, disaster came way to soon.

Before hearing above story, I was just about to buy a nice lowmilage engine build 2005, but with a 30% chance of a "soft" crank, I'll hold my horses, maybe an engine that has done 230.000km would be a more saft bet, on a good crank.

Have others in here had similar experiences!?
(my search in here came up empty.)
Fri Feb 18 2022, 08:11pm
Joined: Aug 29 2019
Member No: #4047
Location: Roskilde
Wrong group, moved to the "Garage" group.

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