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Greetings and Help Request (DTC review)

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Mon May 17 2021, 09:39pm
Joined: May 13 2021
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Location: Wiesbaden
I am in Germany and looking to buy a C6 for driving the family around Europe. I have found a contender 2007 2.7 (vin = VF7TDUHZJ78009082)

I read the codes and cleared them, and then went on a short 10-minute test drive with speed up to 130 KMH. Test drive went fairly well - SERVICE - light and alarm came on twice for a second or so (DPF regen???).

Car is black with brown leather interior. No sunroof. No lounge seats. Automatic gearbox. 161,735km on the clock.

The DTC's from the final scan were:

Parking Aid
P0BC3 – "Coherence Fault" - Interior Right Front Sensor Fault. No Signal. (not a big concern)

C1335 – "Intermittent" - Fault on the Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor – Information Not Received by the CAN (ABS ECU). Distant.
C1325 – "Intermittent" - Fault on the Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor - Information Not Received by the CAN (ABS ECU). Distant.
P1830 – "Intermittent" - Fault on the Front Wheels Speed Information Not Received by the CAN (ABS ECU) Distant
U1213 – "Intermittent" - Fault in the Information Transmitted by the Dynamic Stability Control (ESP) ECU. Incorrect Value Received.

Suspension System Control ECU
C1168 – "Permanent Fault" - Rear Static Pressure Sensor Signal. Open Circuit or Short to Positive.
C1169 - "Permanent Fault" - Rear Static Pressure Sensor Signal. Value Inconsistent.
C1195 – "Permanent Fault" - Front Axle Average Movement. Value Inconsistent.

Engine System
P0407 – "Permanent Fault" - Exhaust Gas Recycling Electric Valve Position 2 (Front). Voltage too low.
P1351 - "Permanent Fault" - Pre/Post Heating Relay Circuit. Relay Controlled/Plugs Not Controlled.
P1462 - "Permanent Fault" - Exhaust Gas Recycling Electric Valve Position 2 (Front). Drift in Low Limit Adaptation

U1215 – Fault – Absence of Communication With The Steering Wheel Angle Sensor. Value Received Incorrect.

Are any of these DTC's cause for serious alarm? I used a TOPDON ArtiDiag800 BT.

Thank you for any info you may have.

Mon May 17 2021, 11:04pm

Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry

none of those are a major concern, if you can call the Front EGR not major!

Parking sensor -
no problem

Gearbox/ABS -
looks like two sensors on the back to start with and then see what happens. Fuel tank needs to be dropped to replace them.

Suspension -
sensor on the rear centre H3+ valve (I've just changed one for the same error and it fixed it).

Engine System -
As said, Front EGR needs a clean or replacement (only use quality replacements) and is a pig of a job to do unless you de-gas the Aircon and remove the radiator assembly. If not doing the work yourself this could cost 1000 euros or more.
Pre/post heating - Glow plugs need checking first. If these are okay you need to change the relay unit. The car should start okay in the summer but might struggle in the cold of winter.

They all report this one and it can be ignored....

Good luck if you decide to buy.
Tue May 18 2021, 07:02pm
Joined: May 13 2021
Member No: #4704
Location: Wiesbaden
Thank you very much for your prompt and informative reply. I do have access to a full service garage and do most work myself. This would be my first hydropneumatic suspension car and a bit of a learning curve though. I will see if I can get the seller to come down some on price.

If I do make the purchase, I expect I will be frequenting this space. Looks like a very good owners club. Reminiscent of saabnet when I had that affliction (currently in remission).
Tue Jun 01 2021, 10:17am
Joined: May 13 2021
Member No: #4704
Location: Wiesbaden
Well, I went ahead and bought that C6! I called the seller and told him the list of repairs required and I gave him a low-ball offer. He surprised me with an "ok". So I went and picked it up last weekend. Dropped it off at a detail shop and just put temporary plates on her today and brought her home. The suspension faulty warning comes up, but the EGR error message appears to have gone away (I expect it to return just as the inspection guy gets in ...). So now I need to execute my list of chores - fluids & filters, ATF change, windshield washer nozzles, a/c recharge.

Tue Jun 01 2021, 10:43am
Joined: Jan 19 2014
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Location: Cambridge

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