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The Eagle has Landed

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Thu Oct 08 2020, 06:34pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
Member No: #299
Location: Wiltshire
I've always thought of the C6 as a spaceship, but never thought that it would last the lunar distance - particularly when I bought it at 5,000 miles.

Having got to the moon, it's good to see there is still half a tank of fuel left to get back... although I reckon that I've put nearly 25,000 litres of diesel in since take-off.

The 'Houston we have a problem' spanner is only indicating an overdue service, which she's having tomorrow.

Safe travels everyone.

Sun Oct 11 2020, 09:21am
Joined: Dec 09 2014
Member No: #1968
Location: Bath
That’s good to know. I bought my 2.2 automatic at 28,000 miles and added 102,000 in the 5 years since and still enjoying every drive. Any tips for me on making the giant leap?
Sun Oct 11 2020, 02:22pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
Member No: #299
Location: Wiltshire
I don't really have any tips but:

Long journeys with regular motorway runs (I really try not to do short journeys)
Serviced by the book (still have full main dealer service history)
Run full to nearly empty (none of this partial tank-filling stuff)
Drive sensibly

I'm not choosy about where I buy fuel, most of those miles will be on supermarket stuff. I don't subscribe to the '20,000 miles between oil changes is too long' either.

Having a second car helps a lot, as some parts are difficult to source/take a long time to arrive.

Eolys fluid needed topping up about 155K. Dual-mass flywheel around the same time (I presume only the manuals have these). Handbrake cable failed about two years ago. I've been through all wheel bearings and numerous FRIP joints. Nothing at all so far on exhaust system, injectors, EGR, throttle body. Just had a front strut (first one). Wishbone bushes replaced over the last year or so.
Mon Oct 12 2020, 11:33am
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
This is good to know, my manual is only at 152k at the moment, so some way to go

Keep it up.

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