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Alternator pully bolt head size?

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Sat Aug 15 2020, 02:21pm
Joined: Aug 02 2020
Member No: #4438
Location: Normandy
I'm trying to remove the alternator pully.
I have the seeley sx400 kit.
The T50 torxbit is too small and the M10 bit won't go in.
Have I got the wrong kit ?
Sat Aug 15 2020, 04:58pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
Probably, I think the right tool is quite "special" My nearest auto-electric shop did not have it. But with so many alternator clutch failures, there are many people in here with precise knowledge and even the right tool.
Sat Aug 15 2020, 05:55pm
Joined: Aug 02 2020
Member No: #4438
Location: Normandy
Reading other posts on this, the sx400 is correct.
I'll try and take a picture or use a mirror to count the splines tomorrow.
Car has done over 200K km so Could have a non OE pully and bolt ?
Sun Aug 16 2020, 03:04pm
Joined: Aug 02 2020
Member No: #4438
Location: Normandy
I managed to take a photo in situ.
It was clear that it was M10.
"Was" being the operative word, it looks to have been bodged in the past.
I have removed alternator and done some more bodging but despite heaving on a 2 foot breaker bar it's not moving. Pretty sure it's not left hand thread.
Think I'll just get a new alternator, no idea if this one works.
Yes I bought a non charging C6...
It was very cheap

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