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Camshaft pulley wheels inlet.

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Sun Jun 28 2020, 07:29pm
Joined: Jun 28 2020
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Location: Goerloese
Hello everyone, Peter from Denmark here having serious problems changing the pulleywheels on the inlet camshaft. The reason I am changing them, is heavy rattling when starting the engine after a night for example. This is a well known problem.

I believe these wheels are called cam phasers in english, the sparepart number is 0805F9, the sparepart is made by Delphi.First problem was locking the wheels before remowing the belt, it is not possible to turn the exterior of the wheels, when the belt is fitted! The wheels are fixed, no bolts to loosen and no possibility to turn the center to make the pins enter to lock the wheels.

Anyway the holes were visible, only missing a little, a thinner pin entered both axles.Then removing the covers for the camshafts in order to hold the camshaft when loosening the pulleywheels, or should they be called camphasers?

The bolts are hidden behind a plug and the bolts have lefthand threading. New camphasers fitted, first bolt tightened as indicated 2 kgm plus 115 degreees, it requires two people, one holding the 26mm spanner on the camshaft and another person tightening the bolts. First was tightened, difficult and tough, second bolt snapped at 100 degreees.

In the manual from Citro├źn it says nothing about renewing the bolts every time! Does anyone know, are the bolts elastic stretch bolts to be changed every time? 2 kgm plus 115 degrees is a lot! The exhaust pulleywheels only needs 2 kgm plus 57 degrees!

I have required new bolts, but do I dare to tighten them 2 kgm plus 115 degrees? I hope there is some experienced person out there. Cheers, Peter Nielsen.
Wed Aug 19 2020, 08:46am
Joined: Jun 10 2014
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Location: Somerset
I'm not aware that the momentary start up rattle is a problem. It just means that the cam phasers are empty of engine oil - which seems reasonable after, say, ten hours of non-use. It seems normal to me that the oil would drain out of the phasers. It is just metal hitting metal, not metal sliding/rubbing on metal.
Mon Nov 13 2023, 07:33pm
Joined: Jan 21 2019
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Location: Nijmegen
I am planning to change those cam phasers too when doing the timing belt. Is there a service manual for that? I have seen just for the belt..

Many thanks in advance.

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