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Static noise from rear right hand side door speakers

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Sat Jan 11 2020, 10:12am
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Hi all.

The past weeks we have had an irritating issue with the radio in our 2,2 HDi from 2009. When switching the radio unit on, there is a static noise (sounds like FM radio between stations) from both speakers in the rear right hand side door. The sounds is heard instead of any other source which should be playing. It is at a constant level no matter what the general volume level of the radio unit might be. It is not so loud, and if you are sitting in the front and the music is playing, you will not really hear it.

The sound is heard while all other speakers play whay they are supposed to, eg. FM radio, AUX, or CD.

Opening or closing the door or the windows doesnt affect it at all. I suppose that rules out any issues with the cords between the chassis and the door itself(?)

After a few minutes the sound disappears and the speakers sound OK. Later it might return again.

The radio unit is RT4 and functions in general perfectly.

We have in the same time period had problems with the parking sensor in the front right hand side "corner" of the car in wet weather conditions - sensors in the rear of the car function OK. I suppose these issues are not connected? Anyways, switching the parking assist off doesn't affect this either.

Would any of you out there have experienced similar issues? Any suggestions to what the cause of this issue could be?

Best regards and all the best wishes for 2020! to all in C6 land!

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