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CD changer retrofit

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Wed Dec 04 2019, 01:04am
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I've just purchased 2007 C6 with 2.7 Hdi engine; although it's almost top - spec, it lacks CD changer. As I am kind of conservative, I prefer using CDs than connecting my telephone or USB memory to radio; as CD changers are very cheap and easily obtainable (same was used in C4GP, C5, 407 am I right?)idea of retrofitting it emerged.

My car is equiped with JBL audio system and was already retrofitted by previous owner with a more modern radio (it looks like RT4, I suppose). Is it possible to add a CD changer?

As I had 2006 C5 before, I know that I would have to activate it using Lexia; only trouble I see is wiring - dismantling dashboard and half of the interior is simply not worth it. Or maybe is there a proper connection in the trunk? I should probably look by myself, but it's freezing cold outside. So, maybe someone already did it?
Wed Dec 04 2019, 09:12am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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If it is an RT4/5 then it's far simpler to fit the USB cable and use a memory stick in the glovebox. You can have more 'CD's' on the memory stick as well plus they don't stick or jump.

It's one part of the available technology you should embrace

Only downside is copying the CD's to the memory stick but it does mean you can delete those odd tracks that you really don't like on an album.....
Wed Dec 04 2019, 10:36pm
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If you have RT4 then you have the Jukebox function, so you can copy CDs onto the car's memory.
50 or more CDs can be stored.

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