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Family photo

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Thu Aug 22 2019, 06:26pm
Joined: Feb 03 2018
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Location: Western Jutland
Here are some photos from earlier this summer with the entire Citroen family parked at our house.

The C5 is a standard 2,0 hdi from 2011. Absolutely fantastic car!
The C6 is a 2.2 hdi from 2009. Absolutely fantastic car!
The XM is a V6 3.0 160 hp with diravi from 1993. Absolutely fantastic - summer - car!

The XM will be put into garage this weekend, as it is only used during the summer months. I will miss it for the next 10 months

Thu Aug 22 2019, 08:16pm
Joined: Mar 13 2016
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Location: Copenhagen
Thu Aug 22 2019, 08:32pm
Joined: Jan 21 2019
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Location: Copenhagen

I always liked the front of the XM pre-facelift. It just looks so confident to put the Citroën logo off to one side, and not very big. Like saying "I mean, you *know* it's a Citroën, so we don't have to put a big logo here."

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