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Road Trip 2018

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Thu May 24 2018, 01:52pm

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Well I eventually decided not to go to Europe in the C6 (or the Traction) this time for practical reasons as the lounge pack precluded buying a Traction Front wing, should I find one....

1st step of the trip was down to Hull and overnight to Zeebrugge then on to Traction Universal 50th Anniversary Rally at Magny Cour.

Won't bore you with the details but there is a personal photo album online - Click Here - with lots of others on Facebook.

Leaving the rally we then went through the Alps via the Mont Blanc Tunnel and Milan to Sirmione on Lake Garda for a weeks R&R at a favourite Hotel, The Continental.

Quick and dirty image going through the Alps toward Mont Blanc.

When we booked the hotel last year I had no idea of the bonus we were going to get. The Mille Miglia was on that week and the route takes the race right up the Sirmione Peninsula to the front of the old walled town to a race checkpoint.....

The 1st 1.5 hours of the race though was taken up by some very expensive Mercedes then a Ferrari Tribute which every owner in Europe seemed to be taking part in...

So many Ferrari they had a traffic jam at the checkpoint....

They were followed by the main event though with some beautiful Alpha' amongst them

Other makes also took part

More pictures are available online: - Click Here -

The return trip was via Milan and then through Switzerland along Lake Como and through numerous tunnels, including the 17km long Gothard. There was a bit of a delay going North at the Gothard Entrance but the sat nav took us through a few villages and around most of it. Going South though the queues were horrendous, stretching back miles to the Service Area well North of the Tunnel

After Switzerland we skited Germany via Mulhouse, then on via Strasbourg to Lens in Northern France and back home via 'Le Chunnel'

2,135 miles in total. I'm loathe to add up the ferry, tunnel('s), autoroute and autostrada tolls because I know it would have been far cheaper to fly to Italy direct, but it really was worth the cost to see a lot of France and Switzerland (Northern Italy, Milan to Venice is basically an industrial zone) along with going through the Alps and not over them at 30,000 feet

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