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How to remove the radio

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Sat Sep 23 2017, 06:18pm
Joined: Mar 31 2017
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Maybe a stupid question, but how do you remove the radio / head unit?

I have all the usual removal pins etc, but there is only one hole at each side of the unit. There is a plastic strip along the top of the radio, under the vents, which looks like it may pry out with trim tools, but it seems fastened quite firmly and I don't want to break something.

Am I missing something really obvious? (probably)
I've spent quite a while searching on here and Google, but can't find any direct reference to it.

Answers on a postcard, much appreciated!


Sat Sep 23 2017, 11:21pm
Joined: Sep 10 2013
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Location: Glasgow
Hi Ciaran,

You need a long Torx T10 driver in each of the two holes to loosen the captive fixing screws then the head unit pulls out. Deploy the cup holders to get a grip on the unit.

Double check the Torx size as it's a while since I removed the unit.

ATB Frank
Sun Sep 24 2017, 12:42am
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Yep. T10...
Sun Sep 24 2017, 03:50pm
Joined: Mar 31 2017
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Thanks guys, appreciate it.

I was poking the solitary hole with the removal pins and wondering was there a second hole hidden behind the trim strip or something - D'oh!

Cheers again.


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