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Refresh your steering wheel DIY

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Mon Sep 11 2017, 06:37am
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Hello to everyone!

As my car has done 270 000 km my steering wheel was showing some wear. The color was missing from some parts and the leather was overall a bit glossy which did not go away with traditional cleaning. Fortunately it is not hard nor expensive to refresh the wheel. All you need is some cleaning spirit, leather dye, clear coat (matt) and some sponges.

I went for the color and clear coat from Leather Master - Click Here -. The small bottles (20 ml) were enough for the steering wheel. The cleaning spirit I got from Colourlock - Click Here -, they sell the colors also so it is possible to buy a whole kit from them. Also there is this site which offers the whole kit: - Click Here -

I went an extra mile and removed the steering wheel completely because I wanted to refresh the cruise control button covers which were also a bit glossy. It is possible to do it in situ also with some masking tape since you use sponges not aerosols (the wheel not the buttons of course).
This was the steering wheel before:

The instructions come with the products so I will not describe them step by step but after three coats of dye and two coats of matt clear coat the result is beautiful satin black finish and the steering wheel looks like new:

The Motip Matt Black aerosol I used for button covers. I used it on my previous Peugeot 607 to coat the door handles and after one year it was still good. The buttons themselves got a good wash only.

The overall cost was some 25 euros which is good value I think. The durability remains to be seen but since these products are according to the description professional grade, I have my hopes up.

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