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Why do C6s fetch so little money?

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Thu Aug 03 2017, 08:55pm
Joined: Dec 14 2014
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Location: Auckland
I think most C6 owners are in it for the long haul and they know the residual value is rubbish going in. Unless one is struck by series of bad luck and cannot sustain the fund to restore the car to a reliable state, most people would stick with it I'd say. Even if a lot of work is needed, once you get everything sorted, you will know you have a good car for years to come - this still leaves the owner with a decent, unique car (potentially appreciable collectible in the future), compared to whatever else is on the market in the same class, IMHO.
Thu Aug 03 2017, 10:14pm
Joined: Jun 14 2017
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Location: Forest Town
This car will earn it's keep soon as it is going to Monaco and back. The hell with selling it too cheaply when it gives me Audi comfort and spec for Fiesta money. It's a keeper if i don't get a fair price.
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