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Tue Jun 27 2017, 02:22am
G'day from Down Under!

I'm the proud owner of a 2007 C6. My mechanic has told me I need a new front EGR Valve. Citroen Australia want a vast fortune for one so he suggested I buy one in the UK/Europe. Can anyone suggest a good parts supplier?

The part number is 1618 N7

Tue Jun 27 2017, 02:46am
Joined: Dec 14 2014
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If you financially contribute to the forum you can get discount from a couple of UK dealers here apparently. I just got quotes on a couple of stuff and I'd say around half the price I'd pay here in NZ (not sure how it compares vs Aussie but I bet it'd be around the same) Even without the discount it should be way cheaper - shipping and import duty might be an issue depending on the size and the value.
Tue Jun 27 2017, 04:57am
Joined: Jun 25 2015
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You really want to go with Valeo (front one 700410). It is the OEM supplier also. I tried with the cheaper one and it was no good. The cheapest Valeo I found is in Germany, 129 euros: - Click Here - In the UK they seem to cost around 200 pounds.

The only thing is the shipping cost which is an insane 120 euros!!?
Tue Jun 27 2017, 11:50am
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is the egr on the equivalent Jag motor the same?
Wed Jun 28 2017, 06:38am
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Yes, EGR valves on 2.7HDI engines starting 2005 on Jags, Land Rovers and Peugeot´s are the same (EGR coolers are different on Land Rover though but this is not a question). The reference of the valve may also be different, in case of Land Rover it is not front and back but left and right because of the engine displacement. Front=left and right=back.

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