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Driver's chest (steering wheel centre) airbag removal

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Mon Apr 17 2017, 08:42pm
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DISCONNECT THE BATTERY BY THE APPROVED AND ADVISED METHOD (i.e. Wait three minutes after switching off the ignition. Lower the driver's door glass fully and open the other doors to activate the micro-descent of their drop-glasses. Open the boot and, using the tip of a screwdriver, close the boot latch to prevent accidental closure!)

Here's a pictorial look into what occurs under the driver's chest airbag enclosure, showing the method of removal from the steering wheel:

Aperture, retaining clip and retainers' recesses

Screwdriver in place and ready to depress clip

Screwdriver pressed home -- note the clip is now slightly deformed in order to release the retainers
Mon Apr 17 2017, 09:30pm

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Brilliant Steve,

Many thanks for posting,

Best regards,

Phil C.
Tue Apr 18 2017, 12:36pm
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Thanks Steve, I'll need this very procedure soon as I'm fitting a new steering wheel and airbag as part of the interior upgrade. Many thanks. I'll pop up picture when I finally get around to the task. The new rear anti roll bar will be fitted this week and new bushes on the front one. Should be interesting to see the difference.

Phil, how did your respray workout recently, was just wondering. Would be great to see a few photos of the finshed car. I'm sure it's amazing.

Sat Jul 08 2017, 10:13pm
Joined: Apr 18 2012
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I like how in the technical documents they very specifically ask for a Torx27 when a Torx30 or a square bit of similar size is enough to depress the clip and the airbag just pops out. Like so:

- Click Here -

But in the document about removing the steering wheel nowhere is mentioned that you need a Torx45 to actually remove a screw.

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