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Important info, re: cooling fans...

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Sun Apr 02 2017, 09:30am
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Sorry Steve & David; I should've posted this thread here in the first place!

Have you checked the operation of your cooling fans? Just start the engine and dis' the grey temperature sensor in the top of the hose from the coolant output tank; the CANbus fires up both fans after a few seconds. When replacing the connector, wait a few seconds and observe the "spin-down" overrun behaviour -- they should both slow to a stop more-or-less together.

Both mine and Colin's had corrosion problems whereby one of the fans was partially-seized and the other was squeaking.

Bumper off, take off the plastic slam-panel cover, remove the sticky patch over the fans' retaining nuts (M5, l/h thread) and remove the impellers.

I've removed the motor units and Ferrosol-sprayed ours, but I think such maintenance is merely a stay of execution, as one of mine still has a degree of bearing-grumble.

The cooling fans probably get zero maintenance and, it seems, it's taken for granted that they'll fire up when required....

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