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What the member can offer..

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Tue Nov 17 2015, 06:26pm
Joined: Sep 25 2015
Member No: #2348
Location: Biddulph Moor, Staffordshire
So I've been lurking and leaching information from this forum since I joined and have (IMHO) provided nothing of value in return, not yet anyway..

On one of the other forums of which I am a member, we have a thread called "What the member can offer". Not to advertise services or anything like that, merely so that people can get an idea of what additional skills members have in case you are looking for external advice from 'friends'. For example we have an international HR lawyer, a judge, a tornado pilot (proven) and lots of medics to name but a few.

Anyway, I figured this kind of thing might be of interest to you guys who have been helpful to me. If it's OK with the MOD(s) and you want to, post your skillset(s) on this thread, you never know what you might find !

Tue Nov 17 2015, 06:32pm
Joined: Sep 25 2015
Member No: #2348
Location: Biddulph Moor, Staffordshire
Here are my vitals

23 years Oracle database and associated (middleware) experience.
SQL, PLSQL, Java development
Low level performance tuning
Database and application design.
Cloud infrastructure and SaaS migrations.

Last eight years I have spent specialising in Oracle licensing and the technical implications..

Outside of work I am an experienced diving instructor who's primary passion is cave diving. Anything you want to know about diving of any sort, just ask away..

I also make a mean spaghetti carbonara
Wed Nov 18 2015, 09:33am

Joined: Apr 12 2010
Member No: #86
Location: Penwortham
I suppose mine is the easy one to work out, Rail travel, I have done for the last 24 years, in various roles, I don't know everything but can usually find somebody who can answer the question.........

I'm also looking at setting up the Northern West section of he Citro├źn Car Club, as well as being one of the 'Pit Team' on here. I also write the C6 column in the Citro├źnian, the magazine of the CCC.

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