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Fuel consumption, C6 240 HDi

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David K   
Wed Mar 05 2014, 06:44pm
Joined: Jan 30 2010
Member No: #42
Location: Scania
I just want to share my experiences with you when it comes to fuel economy with a trip from Italy to Sweden in a C6 240 HDi.

The car was picked up in a small city called Mondovi, a really beautiful and charming medieval town, located in-between Torino and Genoa.

We drove first to the Lake Como in a mix of countryside and highway driving and some heavy city traffic in Milano. After that some driving around the lake (beautiful, especially now off-season!) for two days on really tiny roads more made for Fiat 500 than a C6. I once had to back for some 50 meters when I met a truck for example.

Then we started to drive back to Sweden through Switzerland where I didn't pass 120 km/h (75 mph) because of their crazy speeding tickets, and also because it was a mixture of snow and rain during most of the time.

Coming to Germany the weather had improved and we could drive in a relaxed C6-speed of around 180 km/h (112 mph) all the way up to Mainz in the Frankfurt region where we spent a night.

The following day we continued to Puttgarden in northern Germany where there is a quick ferry to Denmark (45 mins ride) and did very rarely go over 140 km/h (87 mph) because no use to be to early to the ferry.

Then driving 150 km (93 miles) through Denmark in an hour (please calculate the speed yourself ), and finally the last 100 km (60 miles) in Sweden in a similar speed.

And in the picture you can see the result of the consumption. Pretty impressive, isn't it? Especially considering it's a 2 ton car with a V6 engine. 6.6 l/100 km is around 42.8 mpg.

Actually with our C3 we had once with a 92 horsepower diesel engine, as soon as we exceeded 120 km/h (75 mph) we had a consumption like this as well.

I know what car I prefer to drive if I want to save fuel…

Wed Mar 05 2014, 07:01pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
Member No: #1
Location: Northumberland
The 3.0 is definitely better on fuel consumption

Sounds like a nice trip BTW
Wed Mar 05 2014, 07:12pm
Joined: Sep 06 2013
Member No: #1423
Location: Co Down, Northern Ireland
a very nice trip in the luxury of a beautiful car. What more does one want?
Wed Mar 05 2014, 08:29pm
Joined: Mar 24 2013
Member No: #1240
Location: Cornwall
We just did a similar drive in our C6 2.7- from UK down through France and Switzerland to Italy, to Verona, Venice, and then the Amalfi Coast; then back up a similar way, via Germany and Luxembourg briefly, to Bruges; then home to Cornwall.

Nearly 4000 miles in total, at an average of 37.2 mpg- clearly less efficient than the 3.0. Varied driving, gentle initially but faster later on, as I joined in with the general italian "pile-in" approach! The tiny roads on the Amalfi coast were fun too when you're basically driving a cruise ship.

I'll write up the trip more thoroughly, but here's a pic from when we exited the Gottard tunnel southbound (Switzerland, 14km): it was basically dry when we went in, with a bit of snow on the ground in the shade..!
Something of a surprise to drive into especially on slippery summer tyres.

Fri Mar 07 2014, 10:40pm
Joined: Sep 06 2013
Member No: #1423
Location: Co Down, Northern Ireland
Nice picture but I can only imagine how you felt when you saw it. Anyway you had great comfort in the C6,
David K   
Fri Mar 14 2014, 08:40pm
Joined: Jan 30 2010
Member No: #42
Location: Scania
It was definitely a nice trip! The most interesting is driving in to the St Gotthard tunnel in -4°C and after a few minutes look at the temperature on the screen and see that it's showing 25°C. The inside of the earth is obviously pretty hot!

Since coming home the only problem at the moment is to decide what car to keep.
The Abyssal colored with Wadabis leather, or the Mativiore colored with Alezan leather.

Tricky question, isn't it?

Mon Mar 17 2014, 09:11am
Joined: Apr 16 2012
Member No: #868
Location: Harpenden
I've got to say, I like the Mativiore/ Alezan combo in the picture, it's a bit different and suits the car very well.

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