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RT4: Usb cable routing

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Sat Jun 29 2013, 07:33pm
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Finally succeeded in partly routing the cable from the RT4 to the midddle console. There is a hidden screw in the panel under the dash, right of the radio, under which ends a pipe-like cable guide contaning mainly radio-telephone-gps antenna cables. It was possible to get the USB cable through there, and down to the side of the middle console.

The idea is to have it end in the tray above the cooling box.

Now the question: I have no idea how to open that middle console nor the trays.

Can't find any screws, and i am afraid to pull on clips that maybe are there or maybe not Anyome gone through this before me?
Sun Jun 30 2013, 07:11am

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The centre Console parts guide which shows fasteners is in Technical Documents - Click Here -
Sun Jun 30 2013, 10:00am
Joined: Mar 07 2013
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Location: Ukonjärventie 141 99800 Ivalo
Thanks Dave, but i can't find that. I was hoping that somebody would encourage me to just use force in sufficient measure
Found finally -well hidden- FRONT FLOOR CONSOLE - ASHTRAY under
Panel on dashboard in Fascia panel assembly on citroen service. There is NO ashtray on the drawing
It helps a bit and i guess i will be able to use force without breaking too many parts.
Sun Feb 07 2016, 09:57pm
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So how did you end up wiring it? I am also looking to install a USB port somewhere, but I have no idea on how to do things.
For example, do I need some especially long torx screwdriver to get the RT4 out? Do I have to disconnect battery before pulling it out? Is there a risk of damaging some antenna wire whilst removing the RT4? What kind of USB connector there is on the back?

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