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Find a list of replacement bulb types for my C6

Front Bulb replacement Guide: - Click Here -

B: Xenon Headlamps: 12v - D2S (Available at a great price of £42.50 from here )

A & C: Side Lamp: 12v - W5W

D & E: Combined Daylight Running & Indicator: 6303 91 (Citroens Department Part Only) However the DLR can be changed for BMW LED PY24w-W with a very slight modification. How to change: - Click Here -

F: Front Fog Lamp: H11 12V-55W


Please Note A & B: Combined Reversing and Parking: 6350 W8 (Citroens Department Part Only)


Roof Consoles: 12V - W5W

Glove Box, ambience, door sill (pavement), floor lamps: 12V - W5W

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Info Created: 12 December 2009
Last Updated: 12 December 2019