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Reduce wind noise from the 'A' Pillar area on a C6
1. Possible cause : Turbulence caused by the passage of air into the hollow section of the door strengthener

Solution: Plug 3 openings in the Door Strengthener

Possible parts required: 1Clip - Packaging of 50 (Part No. 6990 E0).

Plug the 3 openings "b" ; Using mastic.

Access to the openings "b", on the front section of the door, is possible after having released the sealing component (1) held in
place by a clip (at "a")

After taking a look at this, personally I don't think all 3 areas need filling, only those on the edge circled in red.

You can get at those by pulling the door edge trim back and lifting the top part back.

That way you don't need to remove the 'clip' (which is a plastic plug) referred to above.

The non circled part is well under the rubber cover and I can't see how air would get to it if the front parts were filled.

If you do fill the outer 2 and still have wind noise then that's the time to think about breaking the clip.

Ideally you would use car seam mastic, but I have tried with some domestic 'window and door frame' sealant which doesn't set or harden, so is flexible and water proof with a 'skin' over the top.

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Info Created: 06 September 2010
Last Updated: 29 September 2012