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Find out the Normal and Severe (arduous) Operating Conditions Service Schedule and C6 Timing Belt Change
In your service guide you will see reference to 'Normal' and 'Severe' or 'Arduous' operating conditions which affect service intervals.

Normal Service Schedule: Petrol or HDi: 20,000 miles or 2 years

Severe operating conditions are listed in the service guide ENT-GB-DAIC-9005/2-3 ans as follows:

# Use of the vehicle mainly in town (door to door delivery,taxi)

# Use in very hot countries where temperatures are frequently above 30c

# Use in cold countries where temperatures are frequently lower than -15c

# Driving in dusty environments (building sites)

# Repeated short journeys (engine cold)

# Use of none approved lubricants or poor quality fuels (sulphur content higher than 500 ppm)

The Normal Service Intervals: (click any image to enlarge)

The 'Arduous' Service Intervals:

Timing Belt Changes and Additive Checks:

EOLYS Fluid: every 80,000 miles (129,000 Kms)

DPF (FAP): every 120,000 miles (193,000 Kms)- Owners however also need to be aware that the 120,000 mile (193,000 kms) DPF change requirement is a 'notional' figure and the car itself will let you know if it is blocked. Some cars are still on the original DPF at 170,000 + miles (273,000 kms)

High Pressure Diesel Belt: every 160,000 miles (257,000 Kms)

If in doubt, always err on the side of caution and use the 'Severe' schedule. Yes it will increase servicing costs, but not significantly and will extend the useful life of your vehicle

Personally I would go 10,000 miles or 12 months for an oil and filter change.

Oil Type:

This website will tell you the correct oil for your car's engine. - Click Here -

Enter either your number plate or details of your model.

E.g. for the C6 2.7 HDi (DT17BTED4 (UHZ)) and 3.0 HDi (DT20C) it's Total Quartz INEO ECS 5W-30 ACEA C2 - Click Here -

(Total Quartz INEO ECS is the only Low SAPS oil recommended by Peugeot and Citroën.

The 3.0 Petrol (ES9A (XFV)) and 2.2 HDi (DW12BTED4 FAP)can use the same oil, but there are other options as well

Quartz 9000 Energy 5W - 40 - Click Here -

Quartz 7000 Energy 10W - 40 - Click Here -

For others who are looking for oil which meets PSA spec B71 2290, (ACEA A3/B4 for engines without Particulate Filter and C2 or C3 for Engines with Particulate Filter) this is the list I have compiled:

Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 5W-30
Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30
Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5W-30
Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30
Comma Pro Tech 5W-30 ACEA C2 Low Saps
Penrite ENVIRO+ DL-1 (5W-30)
Castrol Edge Professional Longlife 111 5W-30 ACEA C3

C3 oil is higher specification than Citroen originally stated but recommended by Citroen Specialists in the C6

Some of these are pretty costly (but still cheaper than replacing EGR valves or Engines!) but the Total can be had for quite a reasonable price if ordering on the internet.

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