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Upgrade the Firware version of the USB BOX 9702.EZ to the latest release v3.03?
OK I grabbed the latest copy of the zip file from the Citroen Service Site and here are the instructions on how o update the USB Box firmware.


The following document describes the steps necessary to update the USB box accessory software version V2.0 through v3.0 to version V3.03 software.

To achieve this operation, it is necessary to have:

-- a standard PC
-- a USB memory stick
-- the software update files available for download from Citroën Service/Service Box in the USB Box product datasheet.

Note: These operations must be "engine" to stabilize the voltage of the electric vehicle.

Step 1: Testing the software version in the box.

-- unzip the folder USBbox_V3-03.zip on your PC
-- copy the files GW_CFG.BIN, GW_CFG.CFG and Test.mp3 (from the folder
-- USBbox_V3-03.zip) onto a blank USB memory stick
-- switch on the radio and set it to radio mode
-- insert the memory stick into the USB Box and wait at least 30 seconds before removing it
-- check the contents of the memory stick on the PC:
-- 2 additional files have been created (GW_DBA.BIN and GW_EES.BIN)
-- 1 directory whose name should be USPA2_00 or USPA3_01.

+ This confirms that the software version of the USB Box is V2.00 or V3.01
+ If this is not the case, contact network assistance

-- delete the contents of the USB memory stick

Step 2: Update USB box.

-- copy the file USPA_UPD.ROM onto the blank USB memory stick (from the folder

-- USBbox_V3-03.zip)

-- switch on the radio and set it to radio mode,

-- insert the memory stick in the box,

-- wait 2 minutes and then remove the memory stick, check the contents of the memory stick on the PC, the file has gone from the memory stick.

Step 3: Controlling the update.

-- perform stage 1 again to check that the software update has been successfully completed.

-- the software version of the box corresponds to the name of the directory created on the memory stick, that is: USPA3_03 for version V3.03

The zip file you need can be downloaded here: - Click Here -
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Info Created: 03 June 2010
Last Updated: 13 November 2012