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Parking or Proximity Sensors
The parkering sensor on Citroen uses sensors built into the rear bumper which detect obstacles close to the vehicle. Proximity detectors emit a series of warning beeps as the vehicle approaches an obstacle. These beeps increase in frequency and become a continuous signal when the vehicle is just a few centimetres from the obstacle.

The parkering sensor also operates at the front of the vehicle. Similar sensors built into the front bumper warn the driver of obstacles within the detection area.

The system also displays the manoeuvre on the vehicle's all purpose screen. Parkering sensor is fitted as standard equipment on high-spec models and is available on option on other vehicles.

The system is activated during forward and reverse manoeuvres at speeds below 10 kph. Sensors warn the driver that obstacles lie within the detection zone by means of a sterephonic signal in the left and/or right speakers in the front or back while the vehicle outline and obstacles are shown on the all-purpose screen.
Six proximity detectors are used for the visual display of the manoeuvre.

A series of beeps coming from the left or right speakers in the front or back of the car (according to the side of the obstacle) warns the driver as the vehicle moves closer to an obstacle.

The frequency of the beeps increases as the vehicle moves closer to the obstacle. On the vehicle's all-purpose screen, blocks representing the obstacle can be getting closer to the bumper while the warning triangle and continuous sound signal indicate the immediate proximity of an obstacle.

The front and rear parkering sensor are activated when reverse gear is engaged. A brief sound signal indicates that the system is switched on and the vehicle's outline is displayed on the screen.

If the front parkering sensor alone is activated when in neutral gear or when moving at speeds below 10 kph, the vehicle outline is displayed on the screen as soon as the vehicle comes within 50 cm of the obstacle.

The parkering sensor can be switched off by a button on the central console. Its on/off status is memorised when the engine is switched off.

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