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Valvoline Maxlife engine oil

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Mon Feb 19 2024, 07:01pm
Joined: Jun 18 2013
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Location: Surrey
My 15 year old C6 (2.7 HDi) has done just over 90k miles. I have always changed the oil every 7000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes earlier, with Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 (ACEA C2/C3, as recommended for the C6). The engine runs beautifully but I am thinking of changing to a heavier grade of oil, as recommended by Mobil for older engines.

Having done some research, I planned to switch to Valvoline MaxLife 5W30 Full Synthetic ACEA C3. This retains the same viscosity and SAPs specification as the Mobil but has an additive system specially formulated for higher mileage engines. It gets great reviews from the USA where very high mileages are much more common than here in the UK.

But when I went to order it online, the various websites said it was not suitable for the C6. I assume this is because it is not approved by Citroen and not because it is really unsuitable. After all, it’s the same spec as the “approved” oils. Has anyone used this oil or knows of a reason why I should not use it in my C6? Any advice much appreciated.
Mon Apr 08 2024, 11:31am
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
Yes, it is the C3 instead of C2 that excludes it from formal recommendation. But your question is important and you can read many contributions inside this forum that points to our engines being recommended oils on the "thin" side and with the problems linked to lubrication/oilpump a thicker oil (C3, 5-40) may be a good solution, especially after long mileage. I am in this crossroad myself after 250 000 km with my 3.0 hdi with only 5-30 C2 oil.
Tue Jun 11 2024, 10:58am
Joined: Jun 18 2013
Member No: #1335
Location: Surrey
Thanks for the information, Tj. Congratulations on your 250,000 km - good news to other C6 owners. Not that there are many left! I decided not to use Valvoline in the end because it claims to swell/soften the seals to stop leaks but my seals are not leaking, so best left alone.

Instead I changed to Millers EE Performance Engine Oil C3 5w40. This claims to be a high-specification oil ("track day ready"). It's more expensive than the Mobil 1 ESP 5-30. The car runs very smoothly, but it did before. The main difference is that after about 500 miles the Mobil oil would be black whilst the Millers has hardly discoloured at all.

I will continue with 5-40 simply because the higher hot viscosity makes sense with an older engine.


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