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GF58OYZEnglandBlackLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useYesAPG1959
YP07 PZKEnglandStorm GreyLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoDapprman
8072FWZ SpainBlackExclusive2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNolrhart
KLE ES676GermanyBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useYesKalkar, Germanyarconell3
BD 71544NorwayBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoIngolf
GG-CC xxxGermanyGanacheExclusive3.0 PetrolAutomaticMot and in useNoRobertF
--SwedenGanacheExclusive3.0 PetrolAutomaticMot and in useYesstockholmurb
LS78550NorwayFulminator GreyExclusive3.0 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoTjensen
RO 06 HPUEnglandMauritius BlueExclusive3.0 PetrolAutomaticMot and in useYesCoventryjamesnoble
NBF30B-AustraliaMativiore BeigeExclusive3.0 HDiAutomaticMot and in useYesskipppy
AE 002FranceFulminator GreyLignage2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNobertrand07
P5RUGEnglandBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoblack_exclusive
C6 AAVGD07 JZMEnglandBlackLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNomagicands
07WW7430KP07BZCIRELANDIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNobdeithrick
GL10 EXFYesEnglandThorium GreyExclusive2.2 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNooli_25_uk
YY10 FMAEnglandThorium GreyExclusive3.0 HDiAutomaticScrappedNopclark
RV 56 LJFEnglandDeep RedLignage2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNomog1842
J5SEOWF57TVVEnglandMauritius BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoJemShaw
A-13517ArubaBlackLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useYesParaderatravlician
VN 30 SAMSB 010388RomaniaIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNosmihaialex
AC008WASerbiaBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNostefan063
GF08HNKN IRELANDMauritius BlueLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoLeo
GF 55 YOAEnglandStorm GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticScrappedYesPrestonTrainman
WDU 2XLV56 VAFEnglandBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNo2cvc6
GF09JYJEnglandBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNosmorphet
NJ07 VVBEnglandStorm GreyLignage2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNoC6Paul

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