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KH56 OCXEnglandIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic39Mot and in useYesBicesterFreakyFrenchFan
AP06 GGKScotlandIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useYesGlasgowCisco
ZBI 17456PolandIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNokubakozl
CA06XHXEnglandBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNord27
GJ59UZWEngland Thorium GreyExclusive2.2 HDiManual37Mot and in useYesWill225
KEZ3141UKIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoC6Mark
GJ59OMRUKStorm GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoIangm
F7 DHR FG07 VLXWalesBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNodheatonrue
HUM 648LD57TGXNew ZealandMauritius BlueExclusive2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNobywateri
XXXXXKM 57 UKXEnglandArctic SteelExclusive2.2 HDiManualMot and in useNospeedfix
GD08 GJVScotlandArctic SteelLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoKerdevan
GJ59UZGUKArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoakabigm
CA5661CHGermanBulgariaArctic SteelBase3.0 PetrolAutomaticMot and in useYesSofiaGoroned
B 0110 HXAE 446 ZCBulgariaArctic SteelLignage2.2 HDiManual1Mot and in useNoskindive
C6 CXMFG56 JFOUKArctic SteelLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticTBAMot and in useNoJeffW
DNA 66TKM57UKOScotlandArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticTBAMot and in useNoanniec
OG-O6060GermanyArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic33Mot and in useNoamazon80
AXX 049SwedenArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoTudor1
DMS 919AS 648 XESwedenArctic SteelExclusive3.0 HDiAutomatic37.17Mot and in useNoHawkie
87-TF-BNNetherlandsArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic28.3Mot and in useYesJanSr
GL 59 NTNWalesArctic SteelExclusive2.2 HDiAutomatic34Mot and in useYesaevans20
LG07 DNNUKArctic SteelLignage3.0 PetrolAutomatic25Mot and in useNomarkp
SB07VLHEnglandArctic SteelLignage2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNograndadmark
C19 JNRBP 57 SBXENGLANDArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticMot and in useNoCOLINJ
GJ57NXREnglandArctic SteelLignage2.7 HDiAutomatic33Mot and in useYesCreweDisco300
MJ09 MXMEnglandArctic SteelLignage2.2 HDiManual33Mot and in useNoGrumpytvr
GJ59RCVEnglandArctic SteelExclusive2.2 HDiManual32Mot and in useNoSnowy20
HG07 FCOUKArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic35Mot and in useNolee_marshuk
NJF-654FinlandArctic SteelLignage2.7 HDiAutomatic9l/100kmMot and in useNoJalamari53
GJ59UYFUKArctic SteelExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic35.5Mot and in useNoartisan100
B1 CCU**56 VZVEnglandMauritius BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic33,7Mot and in useNoe3steve
ODZ 740KU 58 WFBNorthern IrelandIron GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic27Mot and in useYesjacktherev
GL56TAUEnglandSable GoldLignage2.2 HDiManual36Mot and in useNoDaifaylo
JD58340W12342RNorwayMauritius BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic7.7L/100kmMot and in useNoC6Norge
2AM7651Czech RepublicDeep RedExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic33Mot and in useNoLukynZ
07-D-10387Ireland Mauritius BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic34Mot and in useNo321dave
LAZ835FinlandAdmiral BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic33,6Mot and in useNohop
EN 924 TMITALYThorium GreyExclusive3.0 HDiAutomatic7lt/100kmMot and in useNoMvita
DC 777 DNITALYDeep RedExclusive3.0 PetrolAutomatic12lt/100kmMot and in useNoMvita
FIG1727EnglandThorium GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic23Mot and in useNoabrli
08D19649irelandStorm GreyLignage2.7 HDiAutomatic34Mot and in useNopatcrean406
08D19649irelandStorm GreyLignage2.7 HDiAutomatic34Mot and in useNopatcrean406
08D19649irelandStorm GreyLignage2.7 HDiAutomatic34Mot and in useNopatcrean406
WK 59 YTTEnglandAbyssal BlueExclusive3.0 HDiAutomatic36.2Sold or TradedNoC6Dave
BD11YPOEnglandBlackExclusive3.0 HDiAutomatic40Mot and in useNojon_viola
ABZ339SwedenThorium GreyExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic0Mot and in useYesEnköping, SwedenGutenisse
BG624KTSerbiaBlackExclusive2.7 HDiAutomaticTBOMot and in useYesBelgrade,Novi SadCaptainatr72
BS 91174NorwayAbyssal BlueLignage3.0 HDiAutomatic6,4 l/100kmMot and in useNoeinaraa
OTV-478FinlandFulminator GreyExclusive3.0 HDiAutomatic35Mot and in useYesLohjajannelehtimaki
EX 59 XOUUKMauritius BlueExclusive2.7 HDiAutomatic42Mot and in useNoEric

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