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Suspension bushings and joint replacement guide.

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Wed Jul 22 2015, 06:04am
Joined: Jul 29 2010
Member No: #193
Location: MOTALA
I started to get an irritant clunk sound from the front right wheel but could not find no play.

However, I could feel a small backlash from the left lower spindelled, but
from there, it sounded nothing, moreover had the front tires started to rip awry, and road noise increased significantly.

When I took the help of a friend who rocked the car during the time that I felt
on all leads, I noted that there were glitches in the right upper spindelled, right steering linkage and left lower spindelled and that there seemed to be cracks in several of the rubber bushings.

I decided to change all the joints and bushings (I'm tired of replacing parts
which then breaks back prematurely for some other part is worn)

here's a pdf how I did. the text in the file is in two languages ??(translated with Google Translate)

- Click Here -

Had I been able to get by with just changing what glappade? probably!

I noticed a difference? yes the car has been ever since I bought it pulled
a little to the right, this has ceased almost completely, and that the road noise has been reduced

Sincerely, Mats
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Wed Jul 22 2015, 05:44pm
Joined: Sep 13 2012
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Location: Coventry, Warwickshire
Great job, beyond my capabilities by a Country mile but others will find this very useful
Tue Aug 11 2015, 08:22pm
Joined: Aug 11 2015
Member No: #2292
Location: North Wales
Hi there. Can you tell me where the LOWER bush in the Pivot arm that the bottom triangle arm fits in it comes from please??

This one in my picture.. The one at the bottom. The actual ball joints are in good order.

I have an mot next week and cant find this bush anywhere. Thanks
Wed Aug 12 2015, 08:22pm
Joined: Mar 24 2013
Member No: #1240
Location: Cornwall
xmv624v - I'm not sure if this is the exact same one I bought, but it looks identical (eBay link):

- Click Here -

There are some pictures of my installation on this thread:

- Click Here -

It's a well reported job on this forum though! Should be plenty of help available.
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