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Here is why the door stays are failing

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Sun Jul 19 2015, 03:40pm
Joined: Jul 06 2012
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Location: Copenhagen
I have replaced my left front door stay, and I can see now why these are failing. The small piece of aluminum facing up is corroding, probably because of water coming down from above. When the aluminum eventually disappears due to corrosion, then there is no load on the spring below (which was by the way also already broken due to corrosion).

Once the door panel is removed, it is easy to remove and refit the door stay through the access hole above the loudspeaker.
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Sun Jul 19 2015, 08:29pm
Joined: Sep 13 2012
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Location: Coventry, Warwickshire
Nice job, thanks for the photos as well
Fri Feb 24 2017, 09:21pm
Joined: Jun 19 2015
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Location: Sussex
I've recently replace a rear door stay suffering with the same affliction. I paid £30 for a genuine Citroën part and have refurbished the old one using a £10 C4 stay from the internet. I replaced the rusted spring and missing plate with donor parts from the new stay. The side bracket from the C6 simply unclips and can be reversed for use on the opposite door, and I've still another spring and plate ready for the next door stay! I covered my metal plate with a dollop of grease to protect it before putting it back in. The door clips mostly came apart ok, but i've included a photo of them so if you source them from a factors you can get the correct ones. I found some marked as for Renault that were the same.

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Tue Feb 28 2017, 07:12pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
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Location: Wiltshire
I have two doors with this problem and no doubt the others are not far behind.
Does anyone have any good measurements of the spring? I could get some made in stainless steel...maybe the plates too.
Wed Mar 01 2017, 09:48am
Joined: Jun 25 2015
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Location: Tallinn
Actually the stays are the same (front doors for sure, maybe even all around). I had bad ones on both front doors. Each stay has two springs and in my case only one of them on both sides were broken, I assume that this is usually the case. So what I did was that I bought only one new stay. Since now I had two bad stays with one good spring each I just replaced the broken spring with good one from another stay. No need to buy extra parts.

So if you have two bad stays, buy only one new and repair the other combining the good parts.
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Wed Mar 01 2017, 01:38pm
Joined: Dec 11 2009
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Location: Scotland
Is it possible to avoid the problem with the door stays, just by keeping them well greased?

Sat Mar 04 2017, 09:54am
Joined: Jun 19 2015
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Location: Sussex
I would think if you can stop the corrosion of the plate and the spring beneath it in good time you'd be ok. The door stays are different front to rear, but reversible side to side, you just turn them over and reverse the silver plate with the rubber block on. It's a shame PSA charge so much for their spare parts.
I'm going to do my drivers door next with the spare parts I have from the cheap part I bought and will measure the spring when I do it.
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Wed Jun 26 2019, 06:53pm
Joined: Mar 26 2018
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Location: Den Bommel
Hi all, does anyone know the part number for the door stays? or at least the size of the spring. All 4 of my doors have this issue!
Fri Jun 28 2019, 04:11pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
@bigbruggsy door stay numbers:

Front Doors: 9181 J4 @ £45.30 each from Citroen

Rear Doors: 9181 J3 & £38.21 each from Citroen

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