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Repair for the C6 Door Check Straps

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Wed Oct 02 2019, 02:27pm

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From Andrews Coxs post on Facebook: This has been covered before using check straps from a C4 but this is a way cheaper option

Andrew Cox wrote ...
I had a rare experience today, a fix for the C6 that proved to be easier and much cheaper than I expected.

Problem - the door check strap doesn't hold the door open.

The first picture shows the offending part. The idea is, there are springs on both sides of the check strap, which engage in recesses to provide the hold-open action. The central part should be in the middle of the recess; the areas the arrows point to should be symmetrical.

The explanation is simple, as the second picture shows, the upper spring has rusted away.

There are two options here. buy a complete new assembly at £46.20 (front) or £38.96 (rear), or replace the failed spring.

I did a search on eBay for "door check strap". Up popped a very similar looking unit for a Vauxhall Astra ("H" OEM Numbers: 13107175, 516 0251) at £7.99, delivered.

First image is the new Astra Unit

The next picture is Astra unit, stripped. As you can see, the springs & associated bits are the same as the C6.

Now to change it you need to remove the door card to get access to the inner door and there are a few screws to contend with so you will need a couple of 'Torx' spanners.

Steve Edwards wrote ...

You need a suitable trim removing tool (forked) to remove the plastic buttons from the door itself (without breaking them -- they're a quid each, so invest in or make a thin forked tool with a tapering gap that narrows down to at least 8mm); slide the fork between the buttons' flanges and the door.

Getting the direction right is essential, then the barbs on the buttons become squeezed inwards and can be popped out. Then fit them back onto their counterpart components that remain in the door card; just use an 8mm socket to press the buttons home onto the pips, then the door cards will refit nicely. Each plastic button has a foam washer to prevent rattling and wind noise.

For the line of plastic clips which are sure to break (unless you are super careful like Steve) you can buy a pack of 5 (part 7473FL) (I needed to replace 6 so just missed one out )

With the door card removed you have to then remove the 2 nuts holding the door stay to the door frame and the Torq screw holding the stay to the A pillar. The fun part is manouvering out of the hole in the door

That hole will have a foam type cover glued on which needs to be peeled off but will tear so I threw mine away and put some spare Dynamat over it when I reassembled but Gaffa tape would do...

OK so the old stay is off so put it in a Vice and prise out the spring retainer with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The plate slides out toward the outside, the screwdriver gets is moving so you can get a grip to pull it out the rest of the way.

(Picture is shown stripping the new one as it was clean)
On mine the bottom spring was fine but the top had rusted through and snapped.

Fitting the 'New' springs involved using a G clamp and a small socket to compress it enough to start the retaining plate in the slot, then using the same clamp squeezing the retaining plate over the spring to keep it in place. I did fill the spring hole with Coppa Slip in an effort to slow future corrosion.

Taking my time it took me around 1.5 hours in total (including clean-up afterward)

What you need is 1 X Vauxhall Astra ("H" OEM Numbers: 13107175, 516 0251) at circa £7.99 and a few spare trim clips at circa £7.65 for 5

As it's usually only the top spring that breaks on a C6 1 Astra stay might door 2 doors
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Wed Oct 02 2019, 07:29pm

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Thanks for compiling Dave.

Andrew's find on the Astra part is a great piece of detective work. This is what makes the forum great.

Best regards,

Phil C.

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