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Battery Life and Replacement

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Mon May 02 2016, 02:12pm
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UK Citroen Dealers will supply & fit an OE C6 battery for £110.

Wed Jan 15 2020, 07:34pm
Joined: Aug 29 2019
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Thanks for good advice, I had the feeling that I was somehow underpowered, the time window for starting the engine was sometimes rather small, so I followed you advice on the Varta H3, and ordered it without even looking in my rearwing.

Sure enough, there was the battery every battery homepage recormended, looking rather small on the batterytray.

Apart from not being sufficient for the power demand from a Goddess, it look quite unsafe to me, that the battery is not hold down by the tray in the back, in case of an accident where the car rolls, that battery would be all over the place.

When the car is equiped with a battery tray, that will only securely hold a 100A battery, it is for a reason.

Pictures speak for them self.

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 C6Dave (16 January 2020) , cruiserphil (17 January 2020)
Wed Jan 15 2020, 09:11pm
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Frankly, I don't have a clue why even the most reputable battery manufacturers have insisted on systematically listing batteries that are absolutely and totally unfit for our beloved diva's!!

Yes, your C6 need the 950 CCA, remember the hydraulics are pressurized by an electric pump! Your windows need to come down when unlocking, even under frosty conditions, all electronic systems including 2 fuel pumps (1 high-pressure) need to be powered on as are 6 fuel injectors before the engine even begins to turn.

Anyway, DON'T go for a less powerful battery than the OEM battery, which as far as I am aware leaves you no other choice than the Citroën OEM battery for replacement.

In both my (well, mine and my girlfriends) C6es the original lasted 7 years, without any problems. In both batteries eventually one of the cells failed and you just need a new one because they cannot be fully charged anymore.

Regards, Robert
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 cruiserphil (17 January 2020)
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