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famous C6?

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Fri Jul 08 2011, 09:54am
Joined: Nov 17 2009
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Location: London
Rileycat wrote ...
The printed version I quoted said used C6s could be bought for 'nearer £6,000 today' while the website version says £5000.

Maybe by the time they got the article online prices had dropped that much
Mon Jul 11 2011, 11:29am
Joined: Nov 22 2009
Member No: #15
Rileycat wrote ...
could be bought for 'nearer £6,000 today' while the website version says £5000.

I suppose 'nearer £6000' is technically correct because they are nearer £6000 than the original price quoted, of £30,000! However, I can't say I've seen a genuine car anywhere close to £5-6K yet.
Fri Aug 12 2011, 08:58pm
Joined: Jul 10 2011
Member No: #542
Location: Bournemouth
Well done on your "Famous" purchase! I have watched the Fifth Gear review a few times on YouTube. I hope you can get the cigarette lighter out! That really annoyed me when he said that. Its so easy to get out! I hope he wiped his foot prints off the dashboard as well! Really nice colour and brilliant choice! Get the free software upgrade done for the suspension (info found on the garage forum) and you won't regret it.
Tue Aug 16 2011, 09:13pm
Joined: Jun 22 2011
Member No: #526
Location: leeds

Thanks for the congrats on my new car. The lighter comes out fine thanks and ive given the dash the once over with some cillit bang.
as for the suspension upgrade. How do you improve on perfection?? The suspension is beautiful but if theres a free upgrade then im interested to know more. Thanks for the tip ill check it out.
Fri Oct 10 2014, 11:57am
Joined: Jan 21 2013
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Location: Warsash, Hants & Palma de Mallorca, Spain
I, like members 'number6' (shouldn't you be driving a Lotus 7?) and 'ciao_chao', fell in love with the C6 when one was driven by William Gaminara's character, Prof. Leo Dalton, in the brilliant series "Silent Witness".

Sometimes its unreliability does P155 me off a bit but, suffice to say, a lifelong love affair with The Double Chevron marque always prevails....

WARNING: you don't buy a Big 6, or any other French car, for that matter, because of its reliability! My other car is a 21-yr-old Renault Espace J/S63 (Series II); hers is a Peugeot 307CC!!

Oh, and I forgot to add that my Spanish ride is another R-Espace, albeit a JE (Series III), 1.9 dti... Utterly brilliant car!
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