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C6 workshop manual?

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Chris Burmajster   
Sun Feb 20 2011, 04:05pm
Joined: Apr 03 2010
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Location: South East
However unlikely it may be, does anybody know if there's a workshop manual for the C6? I very much doubt that Haynes will do one due the C6's rarity. Now that the guarantee on mine is about to expire, I wouldn't mind doing some of the simpler stuff myself and could do with some guidance, as the C6 is a complex car with a packed engine bay.
Sun Feb 20 2011, 05:48pm
Joined: May 18 2010
Member No: #119
Location: Woodbridge
Chris, I've not seen one anywhere - and doubt one of any value will be produced in the UK (The XM Haynes Manual was more of a "service guide"). I was rather hoping there would at least be a Revue Technique from ETAI (in French), which has been invaluable for my GS X3, whose unusual specifications are lost to many now!
Perhaps we just all pay Citroen for access to their info via service.citroen.com when needed?
Sun Feb 20 2011, 07:12pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
err thats why the 'Doc Library' exists guys
Chris Burmajster   
Tue Feb 22 2011, 11:30am
Joined: Apr 03 2010
Member No: #81
Location: South East
C6Dave wrote ...

err thats why the 'Doc Library' exists guys

Ah, didn't know about that. Thanks for telling me.
Wed Sep 02 2015, 06:46pm
Joined: Aug 25 2015
Member No: #2303
Location: NW Essex
A very belated response to this - so maybe it's already been pointed out elsewhere - but an electronic form of online manual is available for the C6 from Revue Technique - here...

- Click Here -

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 321dave (03 September 2015)
Sat Nov 09 2019, 10:25am
Joined: Aug 29 2019
Member No: #4047
Location: Roskilde
Well, just tried to get one of these RTA manuals, but when creating an account (required) I just can't choose Denmark, actually the list of countrys is quite short.
(I have contacted them about that small issue.)

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