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Original battery?

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Sat Nov 19 2022, 10:08am
Joined: May 13 2021
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Location: Wiesbaden
So the old dame was getting hard to start, needed a boost a couple of times, and was throwing up some 'low voltage' errors. I decided to replace the battery as I had no idea how old it was. Removed the existing battery and the only thing that looks like a date on it was "021106". Could this still be the original battery from 2006? I usually plan for 5 years out of a battery.

Sat Nov 19 2022, 11:01am
Joined: May 13 2021
Member No: #4704
Location: Wiesbaden
The battery code is F1B6901130035. One Russian decode site does appear to agree that it was made year 2006. '690' being 2006 month "90" which appears to be October.

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Sat Nov 19 2022, 03:30pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
Looks like the original type, hope you replaced with a large one. They can have a long life if charged often. I think this is 95Ah / 950CCA ? (That was my original Varta in a 2010 3-0 Hdi). Quite powerful.
Sat Nov 19 2022, 07:24pm
Joined: May 13 2021
Member No: #4704
Location: Wiesbaden
Yes, I replaced it with a similar large Varta:
Manufacturer ‎Varta
Model ‎6004020833162
Product Dimensions ‎35.3 x 17.5 x 19 cm;
Manufacturer part number ‎6004020833162
OEM Part Number ‎600 402 083
Position ‎Left
Amperage ‎100 Amps

We shall see if this one lasts for 16 years
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