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Rear door can not be opened

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Mon May 23 2022, 06:57pm
Joined: May 25 2013
Member No: #1309
Location: Minsk

Right rear door cannot detect opened status.
Open door with rear or internal handle - window goes down. But immediately after the door handle release window goes up (sensor switch always think the door is closed).

Ok. Purchased used rear electric lock.
Replace. Test.
Close door
Pull external - window goes down, door opened, window in normal down state.
Close the door. window goes up - OK!

Assemble the door.
Close the door.
And found - can't open the right rear door inside.
Left rear door - ok (it's about children safety)

Then i'm doing big mistake.
switch off plastic switch on door side and close the door
External handle - deactivated
Internal handle - not working
What to do?

My diagnose - used electronic lock have problem with children safety.

hoot fix if the door is closed?

(yes i can partially disassemble the door inside - already
have try to disconnect electric cable - not working internal not working external
connect it again

Now i'm asking for help.

Mon May 23 2022, 07:10pm
Joined: May 25 2013
Member No: #1309
Location: Minsk
central lock - lock/unlock change nothing
children safety button - problem detected. Children safety cannot be activated, immediately deactivated.

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