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Gearbox fluid change - best fluid ... and is there a filter?

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Thu Jan 06 2022, 07:42pm
Joined: Dec 04 2021
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Hi everyone,

Can't find any record of the car (2009 2.7HDi) having a gearbox fluid change, so the local garage is going to do it for me. The owner lets me buy the oils & fluids and he just charges for the labour.

I've had a look at old threads but can't find anything more recent than 2013, so please be kind with me ...

Is there a filter in the gearbox?

What is the recommended gearbox fluid, given technological advances, or do I just replace with original spec?

How much will I need to buy, please?

Many thanks,

Thu Jan 06 2022, 08:36pm
Joined: May 21 2017
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I've used this - Click Here - They also do 20 ltr drums.

3 ltrs for a standard change but for a full change you'll need 3x that amount and a patient garage to drive the car for some miles and drain again. I've opted to drain and refill at 10k intervals.

No filter but some people are replacing the oil cooler as a precaution.
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Thu Jan 06 2022, 11:09pm
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Location: Lot et Garonne

That's great - thanks for the swift reply, Michael!

Thu Jan 06 2022, 11:10pm
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There is much and good information on this site. We should change the oil, at least before 100 000 km. I changed 3l on 50', 3x3x3l (full drain) on 125' and 3l on 200'. On the 2.7 engine the code for the oil is "3309" (like recommended above) and for the 3.0 it is "3324" or "AW-1".
Fri Jan 07 2022, 08:50am
Joined: Dec 09 2018
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There is a filter inside the gearbox.

But one would need to take the gearbox apart to change it...

IMHO "Gearbox Flushing" is the better choice to get rid of any kind of dirt instead of doing several changes.

There are quite a few gearbox-specialists offering that service...
Fri Jan 07 2022, 12:36pm

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Hello Stuart,

I use this - Click Here -

Best regards,

Phil C.
Sun Jan 09 2022, 09:14pm
Joined: Dec 04 2021
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Thanks everyone - very helpful indeed!

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