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Anyone breaking a C6 2.2?

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Fri Jul 09 2021, 07:41pm
Joined: Aug 04 2019
Member No: #4012
Location: West Yorkshire
This is likely a long shot, but just asking if anyone is aware of anywhere breaking a 2.2 or who might have parts - or a whole one for sale?

I'm after the power steering hoses in particular as mine is spewing up LDS despite a refurbed rack and hoses and a new pump.

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 cruiserphil (12 July 2021)
Mon Jul 12 2021, 12:28pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
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Location: West London
If you type in "Citroen C6 2.2" in the ebay search bar, you may come up with UK and EU sellers who are breaking the same car

I cannot find the guy in Latvia who was breaking a car.

Can you not get them from Citroen, new? I would have thought hoses in particular would be better new than used?
Wed Jul 14 2021, 06:38pm
Joined: Aug 04 2019
Member No: #4012
Location: West Yorkshire
Thanks Jas16. Unfortunately nothing has turned up in eBay in months. These parts have been unavailable from Citroen for a while so new is sadly not an option.

The parts are unique to the 2.2 and different between RHD and LHD which makes the challenge even greater!

Of course, there might be a different solution to frothing and overflowing LDS in the power steering reservoir. Air is getting in somewhere, even though pipes etc. have been refurbed. I did post in The Garage but no solutions so far so replacing pipes is a thought (even if rather desperate).
Wed Jul 14 2021, 09:25pm
Joined: Jan 19 2014
Member No: #1548
Location: Cambridge
I’m a little confused b this. How to you refurbish a leaking pipe? Where was it leaking from and what was done to stop it? We’re they pressure tested after the work was done?
If not, I’d start with the pressure test if you already suspect them.
If so, and passing a pressure test surely they can be ruled out of the equation?

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