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Gear shift locking solenoid not working.

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Tue Apr 06 2021, 10:55am
Joined: Aug 12 2020
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Location: littoinen
Hi Guys, hope you all had a great Easter.
Gear shift locking Solenoid started playing up as it disengages from P now very seldom.
Brake switch checked & working.Is there a relay between brake switch & shift solenoid that can cause this problem?
Any help in how to test, & how to get into & change solenoid would be very helpful & appreciated.
Best wishes,
Tue Apr 06 2021, 11:25pm
Joined: Dec 09 2014
Member No: #1968
Location: Hove
Hi W

First a disclaimer! I am in no way technical, so this may be a complete red herring.

I’ve got a 2010 2.2 HDI Auto and was getting a “gearbox faulty” error, moving from P to D, increasingly often over a month or so. Ended up happening every other time I started car. Spoke to people who thought it might be auto gearbox solenoid. Took it into BL Autos and it turned out to be faulty engine fuse box giving misleading error. Good result for me as it was £300ish fitted instead of £700 plus for solenoid or £2,500 for gearbox).


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