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Opening the boot from inside when no power

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Thu Feb 25 2021, 05:31pm
Joined: Jul 23 2015
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Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
I need to do the "opening the boot in an emergency" bit because there's no power to the back of the car at all (boot lock, all rear lights not working).

I can get access OK through the back seats but I haven't a clue where the hole you poke the screwdriver into is. The picture in the owner's manual is most unhelpful. All I can see is the plastic handgrip for lifting the boot and that's all, where is the 'hole' relative to that?
Thu Feb 25 2021, 06:22pm
Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
It's a [%*^#@!] to find as it's hidden by the boot seal.
Its in the lock mechanism at the bottom centre of the boot lid. I think slightly (about 25mm) left of the centre line and about 10mm down from the boot lid bottom edge.

Good luck finding it..

Fri Feb 26 2021, 10:57am
Joined: Jul 23 2015
Member No: #2258
Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
Thanks, found it! Now I have th boot open I can sort out the battery connector etc. Basically some hairy bicepped monkey has overtightened the +ve connection and deformed the clamp so it doesn't grip properly. A bit of judicious metal bashing should get it back into reasonable shape I think.
Sat Feb 27 2021, 04:05pm
Joined: Jul 11 2020
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Location: South West
If that fails I have one you can have for £10 posted

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